Digital Born Asset Management

If your organization has been in existence for 50 years or more, you have most likely collected more content in the last 10 years than in your first 40 years!  The reason is simple, the introduction of digital files and digital photography.  We lovingly refer to this as “the digital dumping ground.”

The Digital Archive Group image archivists are experts at cutting through the clutter of the digital dumping ground and making sense of what you need to keep.  We will rediscover, rename, reorganize and make accessible all of the assets that have been stored on:


After assigning a rank to the assets, we assess the files, purge some, create new taxonomies and metadata and place them in a digital asset management solution for  easier for search and sharing functionality in the future.  We can also assist with policies and procedures for how to handle new digital assets, which seemingly, arrive almost daily. A key component to this exercise is to speed up metadata entry through the creation of controlled data fields and use of bulk metadata.