Archival Assessments

Don’t know where to start? The Digital Archive Group can assist with the upfront task of assessing the collection, encouraging meetings with internal stakeholders and devising a strategy for organization, preservation and ultimately, digitization and access.

The assessment may include many of the following tasks:


All successful digital archiving projects begin with a discovery process that reaches well below the surface.  TDAG image archivists are highly trained to assist our clients with searching every “nook and cranny” to discover high priority assets.  No matter whether the assets are stored in boxes, storage units or “grandma’s attic,” we will design a strategy to identify the best content to make up your digital archive.  This discovery process often includes connecting with various departments, key stakeholders or other silos of content that may hold assets within a different area, resource or type of storage environment.

TDAG looks for the highest quality image source from which to digitize and create the digital file.  All too often quality is sacrificed due to selection of the wrong format to digitize.  A photograph may appear to be easier to scan, but a RAW capture of a slide or negative will deliver higher resolution for ultimate flexibility and use.