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Oprah Winfrey / Harpo Studios Digital Archive Project

Prior to closing Harpo Studios and moving offices to the west coast, Oprah Winfrey and her team of advisors had the task of preserving the legacy of, unarguably, one of the world’s best-known personalities.  After a thorough investigation of suppliers, led by Miss Winfrey’s personal photographer of 27 years, The Digital Archive Group was selected for the project.

TDAG is currently the only archival services company in the industry specializing in Legacy Preservation Management. We are a highly discreet, professional archive services company working directly with entertainers and their managers in preserving the legacy of the performer through creation of a digital archive and archival preservation of valuable assets.

After a lifetime of great accomplishments, it is not uncommon to hear our clients say, “Who will be responsible for preserving my legacy?  Who will save and preserve all of my important photographs, accomplishments, awards and wardrobe? How will I share the story of these accomplishments to my fans”?

With a focus on providing the highest quality image digitization, asset preservation and the creation of digital image libraries, TDAG provides all of the answers.  We assist legacy personalities with the task of safely and economically digitizing and preserving their heritage related assets and, in most cases, working onsite to reduce risk of loss of damage to the historical assets.

TDAG recently completed digitizing over 500,000 slides, negatives, photographs and magazines in the Harpo Studios / Oprah Winfrey legacy image collection in Chicago.  We provided these services on-site at Harpo Studios, using state-of-the-art RAW capture digitization equipment producing the highest resolution available in the industry today.

During our stay at Harpo, we also oversaw the migration of over 2 million digital-born assets into a cloud based digital asset management system (DAM) along with cataloging, photography and preservation of Miss Winfrey’s legacy wardrobe collection containing over 300 articles of clothing.

The end result of this project was the complete preservation of Miss Winfrey’s image library, personal assets and wardrobe along with a master digital archive of the entire collection.  Any asset within the collection can now be easily keyword searched, shared and downloaded with the digital archive.